Locations I use & recommend

Don't know where you want to have you images captured? No need to worry! I have plenty of lovely recommendations

Woodward Park

This location is my personal favorite. Woodward Park seems so simple but it has a lot of sweet hidden spots. I personally love to use all the green shrubs and trees but there is also lots of tall dead grass for that fall look.

Lost Lake

Lost lake has big beautiful fields that are lovely for images! Ive honestly have only been there once and I didn't get to see all of the scenery but what I did see was stunning.

Shaver Lake

Shaver lake is only about an hour and 30 minute drive from Fresno. It has lots of beautiful scenery that I would love to capture all day. If you're willing to pay a travel fee I'd love to capture your images up there! Trust me, the views are breath taking.

Cottonwood & Dry Creek Park

Cottonwood & Dry Creek park are literally right across from each other. They both have lovely walking and biking trails covered with trees. All year long the trail is gorgeous and really makes your images pop that much more.

Downtown Fresno

I absolutely love to shoot downtown Fresno. The buildings are so beautiful to capture in the background. Its definitely the perfect spot for intimate couples photos in my opinion.

Downtown Clovis

I love the rustic yet modern look in downtown Clovis. Its the perfect spot for either couples or family photos.

Ridge Creek Golf Course

A past client of mine had found this hidden gem and it did not disappoint! I definitely want to go to this location again for some more couples photos!

Fig Garden Loop Park

This is the perfect location for candid family photos! Its all playground and has a small little field to capture the kiddos playing and running.

Clovis Water Pump House

The Clovis Water Tower is such a beautiful building. It definitely gives your images that nice "modern" feel. Theres also a nice trail with thick bushes that I'm absolutely obsessed with!


I've only used an orchard field a few times and they're honestly so pretty for photos. They can be a little challenging sometimes but I'd love to do some more sessions in some orchards to create some beautiful images.

Shinzen Friendship Garden

The Shinzen Garden is such a stunning place. Its located directly inside Woodward Park. I've done 3 different sessions here and let me tell you, it's jaw dropping every time! Its only $5-$7 per person I believe to enter, let me know if you'd like your next session here!

North Fork

North Fork is about an hour and 6 minute drive from Fresno. I had captured a BEAUTIFUL wedding out there and the scenery is literally to die for. I'm itching to go back! If you're willing to pay a travel fee we can definitely create some stunning images up there!

Sierra Sky Ranch

This was actually a gorgeous spot this sweet couple showed me. Its a little hidden heading towards Yosemite but it isn't quite in Yosemite.


I absolutely love Yosemite sessions. Its always gorgeous up there all year round. I do have a flat travel rate of $250 to drive up to Yosemite on top of the package price but the photos are always worth it!

LightBox Studio

We can also rent out this cute studio! Its all natural lighting and bigger than mine. We can fit up to 5 people here no problem.

Tuscan Gardens Venue

Ive been here many times and love going back! Lots of beautiful places for photos.

What is next?

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Step 2

Planning. Once we've discussed your desired session we plan a date, time and location.

Step 3

Making memories. After we've settled all the final details, we make magic! Your gallery will be sent 1-2 weeks after our session together.