Client Guide

1.) Inspiration

To ensure I understand your vision for the session, please send through any looks or images you find yourself drawn to.

2.) What to wear

I always suggest pre planning your outfit so you come to the session comfortable and relaxed as it would show in your images.

To do this please try to avoid the following ;


Super bright colors

Anything with logos/pictures.

3.) Don't forget

On the way to the session please remove any distracting items such as ; items in pockets, hair ties on wrists, sunglasses, non sentimental jewelry.

4.) Coordinate, not match

The first step to establish an incredible wardrobe for your family is to choose colors that compliment yourself and your personality best. Colors complimenting each other as shown below can bring attention to every member of the family without blending too much. Besides emphasizing each member, it adds depth and drama to your family session.

5.) Mix in layers/Texture

My favorite ways to add depth to your images is by layering pieces and adding textures. Some layers to consider are: scarves, hats, headbands, necklaces, earrings, belts, etc.

Some textures to consider are: Knit, fringes, laces, corduroy, velvet, denim, linen, etc.

Here are some ideas for different seasons:

Summer- Linen, gauze, satin paired with hats, necklaces and belts

Spring- Knit, fringes and sweaters with scarves, knee high socks and leather boots

Fall- Heavy knit, velvet. sweaters with suede boots and dusters

Winter- Velvet, denim and corduroy with knee high socks, layered skirt and sweaters

Color Scheme

a.) Rather than trying to match one color (ex; white tees & jeans) opt for a color palette instead

b.) Your color palette should include 4-5 colors

c.) You want to pick these according to tones instead of just colors

d.) Examples of tones can include: Earth tones, Neutral tones, Beach tones, Pastels, etc.


What To Expect

Nothing is more stressful than planning a family session. The thought of planning a wardrobe can take a lot of effort for families. For that reason, I am happy to help!

My first piece of advice is to consider the weather and scenery. Then start planning each outfit based off that. I start by planning one persons outfit first. This is usually the mother's wardrobe. Once a color palette is established and styles are expressed, I will offer suggestions to a few pieces that will fit well together.

From there, we establish coordinating colors for everyone else and start pulling pieces together that will match the primary persons chosen outfit. You can layer with accessories and headwear for a cohesive look for the entire family.